iVentura is a one-stop self-service platform for analytics and Machine Learning that provides a collection of ML components and services natively running on Kubernetes.

“IVENTURA”, a Prodevans Machine Learning Platform, deployed on Kubernetes flavors facilitates a future where developers and data scientists can easily access and consume AI and ML technologies and capabilities to support of their business and organizational goals. It is your one-step solution to analytics which powers up the business decisions and equips the employees to uncover the insights and patterns. 

Today, Data is the most pristine source for various business decisions. But in multiple cases, the analyzed data are deemed insufficient or unsatisfactory. Our platform embodies the capabilities to help data scientists create new models that help in organizational growth and also bridge the gap between decision board and Analyzed business data.

To obtain accurate results, being able to test on humongous test data is crucial. For which, the Platform should be able to handle the resource hunger models. iVentura is set out to handle enterprise-grade scaling that can maneuver the data with ease using Kubernetes flavors. So, what’s the relevance of Kubernetes to Machine Learning? The relevance comes from the fact that the resources, like most things we value, need to be used judiciously and managed efficiently. The resource utilization peaks out arbitrarily during the model training. With iVentura, which runs on Kubernetes, the developers need not worry about the overutilization or underutilization of the resources. The ML Platform is capable of auto-scaling according to the load and can support plugins for the latest GPUs. All the while, iVentura is responsible for easy lift and shift, availability of your data, health & monitoring, support and also ensuring Return on Investment.

Our Platform comes equipped with models to solve use cases like document finder, where you can dig up old documents whose name or content is forgotten, Sentiment Analysis for drugs and medicines where various products and also competitor products are on trial to analyze how their brand resonates in the market. This kind of analysis helps businesses in their post-launch market research. iVentura offers custom-sculpted models and visualizations including but not limited to Revenue forecasting and Fraud detection. iVentura provides flexibility and choice for business analysts, stakeholders and helps you document and identify patterns early on and helps drive your company’s business acumen.