PDCloudEx User manual.







Date: 16/9/2020

Version: 1.7





Prodevans Technologies LLP

Bengaluru - 560035

In this guide we will be discussing the services provided by PDCloudEx.The product used to provide the lab environments for different types of services used by the students in different colleges and universities.


According to current education scenario the practical labs for students, use physical machines & 

resources are underutilized . It is being complex for a faculty to change the whole lab environment by going through each system and change the whole lab setup which is very much time consuming as well expansive.The server provisioning takes a long time and to scale up or down the resource according to the requirements is also very complex.



A student wants to develop any application that could run on a stable cloud platform as well as be able to work with desired databases with a single click on catalog.For working on the projects he should be able to deploy his own web applications on any server that he wants for which there should be an available unified storage.


PDCloudEx provides an open source cloud solution with deployment within minutes.The resources can be scaled up or down with demand on cloud is fast and we can add resources as and when needed according to the requirements of labs.All the applications can be installed in one server.It will also provide one time investment on hardware based on workload and demand.

It used to provide lab environments like c,c++,java,Python, Jupyter lab,Machine learning,mariaDB,Postgresql etc on one server.The student just needed to order a lab and start working on it to complete the assignments for projects.

Below we will see how a student will order a service and use the labs and start working on it:


C Lab Provision:

Step 1: Log in to the self-service portal by using the credentials.

Step 2: After log in to the portal click on the service catalog and check the available catalogs.

Step 3: To order C lab click on it and give the “service_name” and “instance_name” , then click on the add to shopping cart.




Step 4: You will get notification after ordering the lab as shown below.Step 5: Then we will click on My Orders , here the student will get a list of orders and the recent order would be at top.




Step 6: Here we can check the Order number,Request ID,Approval status and request state of the ordered lab.

Step 7: Here we can see the request is approved.

Step 8: Now in this way after getting the approval from the admin we can access the lab at “SPICE” and start working on it quickly.

The student can run C programming sample test cases as well as do projects using the C Lab environment. 

The beauty of this product is that users can launch multiple lab environments at a certain period of time and deploy their codes into it.